About We Raise NJ

Our Mission
WRNJ harnesses the collective strength of NJ’s most influential education, business and civic organizations to empower parents to become strong advocates for their children’s academic achievement and future success.

Who We Are:
WRNJ is a diverse coalition of New Jersey organizations and associations that are united in our belief that New Jersey students need and deserve a world-class education to effectively compete and succeed in our rapidly changing world. Our coalition organizes and harnesses the power of each member organization into a collective voice to advocate for high quality academic standards and aligned assessments, and to ensure that every child is prepared for college, career, and citizenship.

Our Objectives:

  1. To ensure that all New Jersey parents and students have access and exposure to accurate and user-friendly information and data about the need and true utility of standards and assessments.
  1. To ensure that New Jersey continues its progress and commitment to implementing high quality academic standards and delivering aligned assessments to drive and improve instruction.
  1. To create a strong, collective voice on behalf of New Jersey citizens to effectively, cohesively, and successfully advocate for these high quality standards and aligned assessments – where and when it matters.
  1. To promote the utility of these new reports and student information as effective resources for parents to identify their children’s academic strengths and address areas of development.

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