Coalition Member and Advisor Resources:
Addressing the Social and Emotional Well-Being of the Whole Family
Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities
Using Social Media Responsibly to Engage your Kids
NJASA: Coronavirus and Reopening Resources: Resources for districts and schools to support reopening
New Jersey PTA Coronavirus Updates: NJPTA page with information for parents and families
New Jersey School Boards Association Resources: NJSBA page with information for school board members
Choosing the Best Road Back for Students: NJSBA report on reopening schools
Searching for a ‘New Normal’  in New Jersey’s Public Schools: A special report from NJSBA on how coronavirus is changing education in NJ
US Army Virtual Education & Career Kit: Information and links to online education/career resources for educators, students, and parents from the US Army

State and Federal Resources:
CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response: Guidance from the CDC about safe reopenings.
State of New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub: Official state website with information and resources
New Jersey Department of Education School Reopening Guidance: NJDOE guidance for district and school reopening plans
New Jersey Department of Education Coronavirus Information Center: NJDOE page with regularly updated information and resources about state guidance
New Jersey Department of Education Assessment Guidance: NJDOE page with updated assessment information
US Department of Education Coronavirus Information Center: USED page with information and resources about the federal response
USED Fact Sheet: Information on Assessments and Accountability under ESSA
USED Office of Civil Rights Webinar and Fact Sheet: Information about protecting all students’ rights with at-home instruction
USED Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide: A resource to help parents and guardians support their children with online learning
CDC COVID-19 Guidance for School Settings: Information for schools on responding to the crisis from the CDC

Resources for Families and Educators:
ACT Information and Resources: Updates and learning tools for students and families, educators, and the workforce from ACT
Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Resources: Curated curriculum, reading, and other teacher-vetted resources for educators, plus parent and family resources
Educating All Learners: Curated, searchable resources, access to experts, and examples from the field to support students with disabilities
Educators for Excellence COVID-19 Resources for Educators: A curated list of lessons, activities, and platforms
Educators for High Standards Resources: Tools, tricks, and tips from teacher champions
National PTA COVID-19 Resources: A comprehensive page with health information as well as learning resources for families
NJTV Learning Live: On-air instruction for students provided by NJTV in partnership with NJDOE and NJEA
Parents 2020: COVID-19 Closures – A Redefining Moment for Students, Parents and Schools: A Learning Heroes webinar exploring research into parent reactions to supporting learning at home
Project Ready Newark Meals Information: Details on student breakfast and lunch sites in Newark
Project Ready Resources and Information: Information, resources, and FAQ for Newark families and community members
Springboard Collaborative Reading Resources: Resources for educators and families to support student reading achievement
WNET Resources for Families: A curated list of academic and social-emotional resources for families
WNET Resources for Educators: A curated list of academic and social-emotional resources and planning tools for teachers and school leaders List of resources for families helping learners with special needs
US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Resources for Educators & Parents: A curated list of information on policy impacts as well as learning tools for educators and families

Digital Divide & Remote Instruction Resources
At-Home Learning Tools Recommended by Learning Heroes: Online academic and social-emotional learning resources and guides for at-home learning
Future Ready Schools Digital Equity: Beyond the Devices: Video of Future Ready Advisor, Sarah Thomas, as the keynote from the July 2020 Virtual Instructional Leadership Summit
National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) Parent’s Guide to Virtual Learning: A document outlining best practices for parents helping students with special needs to learn at home
NJDOE Teacher Resources for Remote Instruction: A list of technology tools and digital resources for content areas
Sustainable Jersey for Schools Remote Digital Learning Roadmap: Practical guide to implementing equitable remote learning practices in New Jersey
University of Virginia EdTech Genome Project: Framework for making informed choices when it comes to purchasing and implementing classroom technology

Resources for Reopening Schools and Diagnosing “COVID slide”
Annenberg School Practices to Address Student Learning Loss: Series of resources to support diagnosing and addressing learning gaps
Back To School Facilities Toolkit: Resource helping to visualize COVID-era school design
Collaborative for Student Success Diagnostic Dilemma and Measurement Matters: Recap and videos of webinars covering the need for diagnostic tools to assess student academic starting points in Fall 2020
Collaborative for Student Success Summative Spring: Recap and video of webinar covering the future of statewide assessments in the wake of COVID-19
COVID-19 Response: Diagnostic Assessment: Report from Education Reform Now on how to measure student learning loss upon return to school
National PTA Position Statement: A statement outlining the National PTA’s position on reopening public PK-12 schools for the 2020-21 school year
Reopening Schools in the Context of COVID-19: Health and Safety Guidelines From Other Countries: A report from the Learning Policy Institute on safe reopening guideline
TNTP COVID-19 School Response Toolkit: Guide from TNTP to school reopening

Assessment Updates and Resources
College Board AP Learning Resources: Online classes and additional information for AP students
College Board SAT Coronavirus Updates: Regularly updated information and resources about the SAT from College Board
FutureEd Blueprint for Testing: A guide to how schools should assess students for the 2020-21 school year
National PTA: How Parents Feel About Assessments in a Pandemic: Research results sharing parent perspectives on the need to understand student achievement

Statements, Articles, and Blogs
We Raise NJ Statement: A March 27 coalition statement of support for New Jersey’s education community responding to the crisis
JerseyCAN Coronavirus Blogs: Updates from JerseyCAN on the state response to the crisis