Career Exploration

In order for students to be fully prepared for a successful future, they need opportunities to explore a variety of pathways before they graduate from high school. Exposure to career options – including the military – helps students understand the skills and credentials they will need to acquire to achieve their professional and personal goals. Through experiences like internships and apprenticeships, dual enrollment and other college-level coursework, and vocational and technical education options, students gain real-world experience and a practical understanding of employment.

To anticipate the career market of the future and help our kids succeed in getting there, WRNJ advocates for:

  • Programs that routinely engage the employer community to ensure that middle and high school curricula and course offerings are aligned with forward-looking workforce expectations and expose students to in-demand and future-minded careers and pathways;
  • Early exposure for students to career pathways across a variety of industry sectors;
  • Ways to better understand our school to work pipeline, supporting untapped markets and encouraging credentials of value for students; and
  • Programs that promote adaptability and resiliency in students and the acquisition of in-demand “soft skills” like communication and problem-solving.


Resources for Students and Families

Resources for Educators

Hear what NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation President Donna Custard has to say about the importance of career readiness: