Committed and Supported School Staff

Committed staff members have access to and take advantage of resources and opportunities for their own professional growth and development, and for the betterment of their students. Our state is home to countless quality professionals who work tirelessly to help all students graduate ready for success – and they deserve our support.

To support our teachers, counselors, school and district leaders, and other school staff, WRNJ advocates for:

  • Mutual respect for individuals and their unique experiences and perspectives and a reflection of New Jersey’s diverse population in our school leadership;
  • The infrastructure and staffing necessary in our schools and districts to allow for robust staff support;
  • Policies, programs, and resources that help educators understand the depth and breadth of student assessment results and data, explain it to families and other student supporters, and use it to improve classroom instruction;
  • In addition to teachers, supports for school leaders, data specialists, and other staff members who help educators to encourage higher achievement for all students; and
  • Partnerships with the communities surrounding our schools – including employers – to help provide adequate resources to support our educators in helping a diverse student body to achieve equitably.


Resources for Educators

Resources for Parents and Families