Family Engagement

In order to achieve their full potential, students need help and encouragement from family members, guardians, and other members of their support systems. By participating in school events and teacher conferences, engaging in homework, and seeking out opportunities to help students grow, support systems provide the right environment for kids to thrive. When members of a student’s support system are partners in the educational journey, teachers are best positioned to help that student achieve at high levels.

To promote family engagement, WRNJ advocates for:

  • Families and guardians taking responsibility to engage with teachers and school staff as partners in their children’s education, and educators in turn creating open and welcoming environments with flexible opportunities for engagement;
  • Initiatives that educate student supporters to understand our state’s grade level expectations, to effectively interpret a variety of assessment information, and to know the right questions to ask teachers and administrators about a student’s academic progress;
  • Timely, understandable state test score results and reports; and
  • Policies that promote districts sharing student achievement information with families and other student supporters in a clear and timely way and provide opportunities for questions and answers.

Resources for Parents and Families

Resources for Educators

Hear what coalition member and Newark parent Tafshier Cosby has to say about family engagement in student success: