Information on Student Progress

Preparing all students to #GraduateReadyNJ means using all available information to form a full picture of each student’s needs so that we can support them on their path to success. Teachers and parents get information about how students are doing in school from many different sources. From classroom assignments, tests, and grades to portfolios, conferences, and even anecdotes and stories, each source is important on its own but even more powerful when taken together. We know that no one score, work product, or opinion can tell us all that we need to know. That’s why We Raise NJ is advocating for as many quality sources of robust, meaningful student data as possible. And when educators, parents, and higher education and business leaders work together to use information about student progress to develop supports and programs tailored to student needs, everyone benefits.

There’s good news to report. The latest statewide assessment scores reveal that students and educators across New Jersey are rising to the challenge of higher academic standards and building year-over-year on the impressive progress they’ve made. And we acknowledge the countless hours dedicated educators have spent to improve instruction, using more and better sources of information about each individual student than ever before. We must all work together to build on this progress for every New Jersey student.

Read our principles about state assessments.

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