Quality Instruction

Teachers and school leaders work hard to provide strong instruction to our students every day. In order to do this, they need accurate, relevant information about student strengths and weaknesses as well as quality resources and professional development opportunities as they seek to help all students grow. Students, families, and the higher education and business communities all have important roles to play too; when they are active participants in shaping classroom experiences, everyone benefits.

To support our educators in providing the highest quality instruction to students, WRNJ advocates for:

  • Initiatives that help combat the gaps sometimes observed between report card grades and objective assessment results by ensuring that curricula, course structure, and teaching methodologies are aligned with state standards and grade level expectations;
  • High school curricula and opportunities that truly prepare students for college and career, including college-credit bearing courses and internships and apprenticeships;
  • Partnerships with New Jersey institutions of higher education and employers to ensure that remediation and other interventions for underprepared students utilize recognized best practices;
  • Exposure to a variety of future pathways to find the best fit for each individual student, ensuring all pathways are aligned with rigorous expectations beyond high school; and
  • Incorporation of social and emotional learning components into classroom instruction.

 Resources for Educators

Resources for Parents and Families

  • Check out resources from Learning Heroes, featuring ways to help at home, practice tests, and other tips for supporting student learning.
  • The New Jersey Student Learning Standards page links to all the standards along with several resources to help parents understand the academic benchmarks and help students reach them.
  • Hear what a New Jersey principal has to say about how students and educators contribute to a positive learning environment: